1.29.14 David attends a gathering of various leaders who have left the traditional church system in Jacksonville Florida


9.18.13 Loren and his family move to Dallas , TX



The preview of Jeff's World is released.




First day of filming for  the movie "Jeff's World"




Casting for the movie "Jeff's World" is completed.




Bob and Loren travel to Hollywood to begin the process of making a new movie for FRM.




Launch of Family Room Media Facebook Page




David traveled to Boise,  to attend a gathering of folks in the northwest and discuss the latest things father has been showing them and reconnecting with friends.




David traveled to Spokane, Washington to attend a gathering of folks in the northwest discussing the latest things father has been showing them.




David traveled to Arizona to visit and encourage  with folks in the Phoenix and Flagstaff area.  Including Darin Hufford and Wes Boldt.




Wayne Jacobsen pays us a visit in the Sacramento area for a couple of days of gatherings.




In Charlotte, N.C., David attends a gathering of leaders and influential folks outside of the IC from a variety of countries to discuss what is happening throughout the globe with believers living outside of the IC




David attends a gathering of believers with a variety of backgrounds from IC pastors to folks outside of the IC in Boise, Idaho.




FRM introduces our new Movie Reviews section on the website.




David  traveled to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand to fellowship and encourage believers in their journey and share about the video series.




David and Bob  traveled to India to fellowship and encourage believers that are living outside the box of institutional Christianity.




David paid a visit to Guadalajara, Mexico to follow up  with the people the Family Room has been in relationship for some time.




Bob and David had the opportunity to travel to North Carolina to meet and share with some folks about what Father's been doing in our lives.




Church Outside the Walls video series will be translated with German subtitles and distributed in Germany.


We now have music CDs available at our online store.



Our Podcasts and blog are now available for subscription through RSS feeds.



We've just launched a new look for our blog: Beyond Church Walls



The DVDs copies of 'Where Do We Go From Here' finally arrive from the duplicators and the first shipments go out.



Lost Moments In Church History is launched.  A new series of humorous video clips.



'Where Do We Go From Here?' is completed and shipped off to the DVD duplicators.



Principle videography of Part 4 'Where Do We Go From Here?' is completed.



'How Did It Get This Way?' Premiers



'The Dropouts' available online free of charge.



Our new Forums page is up and running.



Shooting completed for part 2  of the 'Church Outside The Walls' documentary.



Our online store is now open!



David's book and Family Room Media's new video are published.



Our first Podcast is now available.



Shooting completed for part 1 of Family Room Media's  documentary.



Web Launch party


Welcome to

Family Room Media!


We're simply followers of Christ who are passionate about helping our brothers and sisters in Christ to be released  from the burden of religious obligation to discover the affectionate relationship their heavenly Father desires to have with them.





This week's podcast topic:


Understanding Your Season


Understanding Your Season 2.18.14 (replay) 

Have you ever noticed how things seem to change in your outlook on life and you can't put your finger on it? Our lives go through changes especially in our relationships. So what's it like when the season our relationship with Father changes?  Our conversation explores some of these areas of change.




Family Room Media Podcasts



Our version of a Christian Podcast are the lively discussions between David and Bob about things happening with Family Room Media and what Father's been showing us.  We invite you to join us weekly.


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Church Outside The Walls

The Complete DVD Series



Watch the preview

Church Outside the Walls is the award winning four part documentary series on DVD that is the first to explore the current phenomenon surrounding the exodus of millions of Christians from religious institutions.

Featuring interviews with:

Wayne Jacobsen and Brad Cummings, the two men who published the groundbreaking best selling novel “The Shack”.

Martin Scott author and international speaker.

Robert Lund, author and historian.

Professor Brent Walters, recognized early church historian.

• Hosted by author and pastor for 30 years, David Fredrickson.




Is There A Better Way to 'Do Church'?


In the book of Acts we read of a church that had no New Testament scriptures, was considered a cult by the religious order and was led by a few fisherman, a couple of anti-establishment activists and a despised tax collector.

by David Fredrickson


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When the Church Leaves The Building


David Fredrickson's book is available at our online store.  Preview excerpt of the book.






Featured Artists


We invite you check out our Featured Artists page that profiles a variety of artists who express their talents to others beyond church walls.


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FRM Movie Reviews


We've created this page out of our exasperation with regular 'Christian' movie reviews.  You know the kind that dump a movie not because of the artistic merits, but because it crossed their tiny limit of the number foul words used in the script. Read More








Check out our latest short videos featuring the mythical Valley Fellowship Community Church.  The place you've never been to, but is strangely familiar once you've seen it.

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The Final Episode



Episode 7: Does anybody really know when Pastor Appreciation day began?  Sure it's a modern day celebration, but we've uncovered evidence found on our last film in the vault, that proves this tradition goes much further back than anyone ever thought.  Click Here