Welcome to our links and resources page.  Below are listed some of the places we've visited that we'd like to share with you.


Room 201 Productions - Bob Humphrey's video production company.  Founded with Loren Rosser, Room 201 Productions created and produced the award winning video series "Church Outside the Walls" for Family Room Media.


Whole Life Counseling- David Fredrickson's counseling service that brings his deep insights into human nature along with an awareness of spiritual factors that shape our lives.  Online sessions are available.


The God Listen to this challenging, deep and encouraging web cast. Wayne Jacobsen and Brad Cummings host this ever expanding conversation of those thinking outside the box of organized religion. - Wayne Jacobsen's website that focuses on relationship with Christ, not religion.


The School of Christ- This website by Chip Brogden has expanded into a variety of articles, webinars and other media for following Christ outside of religious obligation.



A Wilderness Voice - Michael Clark and George Davis have written some interesting articles that are a good read.


Jake - Here's an online book about one man's journey out of religion and into freedom.


Truth For Free - This site is chock-full-o'-links, articles, and fascinating information about life outside the religious box compiled by Dave Yeubanks whose primary goal is 'is to glorify Jesus and encourage others in the pursuit of intimate relationship with Him - leaving all distractions behind and embracing only His truth.'


Unveiling - God removes the veil and there we are face-to-face! Some great articles on our life in Christ and other topics.


The Pilgrim Path- Jack Gray is a seasoned brother in the Lord in New Zealand who offers some fine insights into the journey of walking in freedom in Christ.


Sites Unseen - The best Jesus-infused websites you never knew about.  The Library of the Alternative Christian Web.  A zillion links to out of the mainstream Christianity websites.


The Free Believer's Network - Darin Hufford's website contains forums, articles and other valuable resources for believer's that no longer rely on institutional religion to guide their relationship with Father.


Battered Sheep Ministry - This site is a place of encouragement for sheep who have been wounded and victimized by authoritarian and legalistic churches.  They have a blog, articles, and other fine resources.

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