Featured Artists

Welcome, we invite you check out artists that express their talents to others beyond church walls.

Daniel Woodward


Dan Woodward has worked in the underground rave scene in many different roles.  Producer, DJ, organizer, promoter.   He's used some 'outside the box' methods to share the love of Christ to youth in the underground scene.

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Paul Lafrance


Paul Lafrance has paid the price of the music he plays.  The depth of his love for Father is evident in each of his songs.  He works with other talented musicians in the Toronto area.

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Will Revo


Located in coastal North Carolina somewhere between the historic and cultural city of Wilmington and the military flavored city of Jacksonville is the little group we refer to as "Will Revo". That's actually my name but I'm privileged to have my wife Cathy and dear friend Lisa Delo playing my songs with me as we play at different venues in our area.

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Jim Robbins


“When I sit down and play and bring my fingers to the piano,” Jim says, “it is an act of war against the dark.”  When Jim plays his hands and fingers are being used to bring about something beautiful.  And this “kingdom of beauty,” as he refers to the kingdom of God, is advancing against the kingdom of darkness.

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