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 When The Church Leaves The Building

Here are some excerpts and reviews of David Fredrickson's book

FORWARD by Wayne Jacobsen

The book is a treasure – one that will thrill you with each unfolding page! It is the story of a man and congregation that valued God’s life above their own experience and the amazing journey that led them to undertake.   READ MORE



The NO TRESPASSING sign was all I needed. Standing in a box canyon at the end of a quarter mile dry creek, staring at a waterfall along with a dozen tourists, was not my idea of adventure. It was about 10:00 in the morning. My wife, Rachel and her friend, Penny would not return to fetch me until early that afternoon. With three hours to kill and no transportation, I decided to make the most of it. The banks of the canyon were overgrown with the lush, green foliage that dominates the landscape in this Hawaiian rain forest. I paused for just a moment to consider the disadvantages of a steep climb through the jungle in my attire, a tank top, shorts and flip flops. A large leather case full of camera equipment dangled from my neck. The sign signaled the challenge, and off I went with the delicious anticipation of an explorer about to encounter the great and dangerous unknown.






Martin Scott, UK:

“A big thanks for the book...for the gift it is to the body of Christ. It absolutely speaks to where things are at.”


Jack W.

“When The Church Leaves The Building was great. It spoke to my heart.”


Andrea, Plymouth, Minnesota:

“I received the book on Saturday p.m. and was done reading it by Sunday morning. I plan to read it again before passing it on to friends.”


Carl and Gayland, San Niguel, CA:

"The  book is edifying and full of first-hand knowledge – it pointed us toward a more real and genuine relationship with our heavenly Father."