On a Sunday morning in the fall of 1989 about 35 people gathered in a barely functional facility for the first meeting of a new “church plant.”  Everyone there was tired of “church as usual.”  We hoped that God would respond to our passion for Him with an outpouring of His Spirit. 


Eleven years later we and a bunch of others were still burned out on “church as usual.  We cancelled the programs and sought God for what was on His heart.  That’s when we began a journey away from organized religion toward a more relational expression of Father’s life within and among us.


We’re not a house church or a cyber church, nor are we a part of any “movement.”  We’re simply followers of Christ who are discovering a greater dimension of His love and freedom than we have ever known before. Our passion is to help people break free from the burden of religious obligation and to see them enter into the joy and freedom of an intimate relationship with Father.


Family Room Media was birthed out of that passion. The podcasts, blogs and articles are all geared toward those who are yearning for more than dynamic meetings or catch-all programs. The videos and books will hopefully be tools that can be shared with others seeking a new understanding of “church” life.


We also want to provide the opportunity for others to share their insights and express their gifts. The Featured Artist page, Facebook page and blog comments are meant to help serve that purpose. We would love for this site to help connect people with like-heart and vision.


Regardless of the reason for your visit to this site, we hope you will be blessed!


Our online store and contributions help to defray the expense of time and talent in creating and maintaining the variety of media on this site, but above all, please keep us in your prayers. 



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David Fredrickson: After 'pastoring' in San Jose, California for 13 years, David and his family moved north to begin a work in the Sacramento area in 1989. With a burden for unity among Christians, he began calling pastors together to minister to one another and to pray for the city. Soon his burden for the Body of Christ at large carried him to over a dozen nations where he ministered in conferences and leadership training classes.


By 2000 David became convinced that the impotency of the present day church system could never be remedied through any amount or method of teaching, preaching or discipleship training. This conviction and the shocking realization that he was caught up in many of the traditions of men led to a spiritual journey that has become the subject of his first book: When the Church Leaves the Building.


Today David is involved in the writing and producing aspect of Family Room Media. He enjoys meeting with individuals or groups who are longing to be free from religious bondage and often comes alongside pastors and leaders who are wanting to move away from a religious approach to church life. David is also a certified counselor specializing in marriage and family counseling. He has a counseling service called Whole Life Counseling.


David has been married to his best friend, Rachel, for over 35 years.


Loren Rosser has worked in broadcast television for over a decade. He helped launch Family Room Media in 2005.  Loren and his wife, Lilly, spent five years serving as youth pastors and discovering the true meaning of the words, “burn out!” It was then that they began to have some serious questions about what it means to follow Christ and be the church. They came to discover that they had lost sight of the simplicity of Christ and were living a life bound by religious obligation and performance. This discovery caused them to step away from religion and to pursue intimacy with Christ and authentic relationships with other believers. They now enjoy helping others who are being crushed by the demands of religion become acquainted with the Savior whose yoke is easy and burden is light.

Loren and Lilly have been married since 1992 and reside with their daughter, McKayla, in Dallas, Texas.




Bob Humphrey has been immersed in multi-media from a young age.   He met David Fredrickson in San Jose in the latter half of 1982. Bob met Loren Rosser through David F. sometime in the new millennium.  This proved to be the convergence of vision and creativity that has developed into Family Room Media.


Bob has been married to Ellen since 1986.  They have a daughter named Hannah. 


Bob runs Room 201 Productions, his video production company.