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Welcome to Lessons in Christianity


The folks at Valley Fellowship Community Church have been so kind in letting us use these brief but insightful videos on biblical truths to help us in our Christian walk.  We'll be adding new videos weekly, so be sure to return often to view more 'Lessons in Christianity'.

Please Note: Valley Fellowship is not a real place.  The characters are not real.  They are the product of overly developed imaginations.





Visitors are not left behind at VFCC.  Their follow up program sees to that.  They carry out their program like a well oiled machine.



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Contributions have shot way up in the past three months!  Elder Rick is happy to report to Pastor Bruce the cause of the recent fiscal rise. Pastor Bruce quickly realizes the steps to take to keep the growth coming.



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Church Shopping



When Pastor Bruce shows that he understands what it means to be "all things
to all men" that he might win some, he leaves Deacon Bill to pay the bill.


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Leadership covering is a deeply important aspect of a believer's life at Valley Fellowship Community Church.  Sometimes members forget the valuable role covering plays in their lives.  Tim gets the opportunity to be reminded of this benefit.


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Prayer Meeting



We get a special glimpse into the prayer meeting that Pastor Bruce has just for his top leadership team.



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Missions Training



Deacon Bill conducts the first training session for the upcoming missions trip to Mexico.  He has some very important information to help prepare the team.



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Deacon Bill comes to Pastor Bruce to express his doubts about the upcoming missions trip.  Rising fuel prices have a drain on Deacon Bill's faith, but Pastor Bruce doesn't hesitate to encourage Deacon Bill's faith.


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Reaching Neighbors



Deacon Bill offers some great advice to Tim after he shares with him some of the difficulties he's encountered in previous attempts at evangelism in his neighborhood.


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It's that time again for the RPM annual Praise-A-Thon!  Pastor Bruce always lends a hand and this year is no exception.  In fact he shares a special word he's received for this year's fundraiser.


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Mission Trip



Deacon Bill has been selected to lead a team on a short term mission trip to Mexico.  He's excited to reveal one of the drama sketches they plan to use on the trip.


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Always ready to make the most of an every opportunity for church growth, Pastor Bruce co-ops with another local advertiser for a television ad promoting their product along with VFCC.


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Tract evangelism is an important outreach component of Valley Fellowship Community Church.  Recently the staff introduced a new anointed tract for the congregation to use in their neighborhoods.  Tim was the first one to give it a try.


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Here's an inside view of how Elder Rick and Pastor Bruce decide on who should be appointed to lead the Ministry Outreach program.


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Pastor Bruce delivers a valuable nugget of truth regarding Grace.


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Tim's been reading his Bible again.  He stumbles onto a puzzling verse about authority.  He enlists the sage wisdom of Pastor Bruce to gain understanding.


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Church Growth



Local church growth tactics take their toll on Valley Fellowship Community Church.  Elder Rick and Pastor Bruce discuss the dilemma.


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Bill's Bible Study



Deacon Bill begins a new Men's Bible study.  But is everyone on board about their commitment to it?


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When you pray...



Pastor Bruce delivers an excellent admonition regarding prayer that Tim quickly puts into practice.


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Tim is wondering about how to reach out to his neighbors.  He seeks the advice of Elder Rick by paying him a visit at his company.


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After Tim requests an opportunity to speak during a Sunday morning service, Pastor Bruce admonishes him on the qualifications needed for pulpit ministry.

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Pastor Bruce provides us with a wonderful message on humility.  We are reminded that not one member of Valley Fellowship Community Church  is exalted above another.  Certainly a fine lesson we should all heed.


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Tim recently has struggled with keeping up on his tithing record at Valley Fellowship Community Church.  Pastor Bruce and Elder Rick provide an invaluable lesson to Tim on the purposes and benefits of tithing.


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Elder Rick of Valley Fellowship Community Church gives a rare inside view of the VFCC Men's Accountability program.  These programs are an essential part of the spiritual growth for the men at Valley Fellowship Community Church.


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We all need to be reminded about the importance of servanthood.  Pastor Bruce the Senior Pastor of Valley Fellowship Community Church presents this brief but compelling lesson on servanthood.


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Please Note: Valley Fellowship is not a real place.  The characters are not real.  They are the product of overly developed imaginations.

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