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Seldom seen events that defy memory!


Episode 7 Does anybody really know when Pastor Appreciation day began?  Sure it's a modern day celebration, but we've uncovered evidence found on our last film in the vault, that proves this tradition goes much further back than anyone ever thought. (1:15) Click on picture to watch video. 


Episode 6 We've recently discovered where the tradition of honoring perfect church attendance began. Rings were first given out by Roman converts in the early church.  We have the film of this sacred moment. (2:23) Click on picture to watch video.


Episode 5 gives us a “behind the scenes” look at one of the methods the early church used to reach out to children: Vacation Bible School. This historical record reveals that coordinating a successful children’s outreach has never come without its share of difficulties and hardships. (1:55) Click on picture to watch video.


Episode 4 A real exclusive!  Peering back into early church history, Lost Moments in Church History has uncovered a rare peek into a conversation between an early pastor and his wife behind closed doors.  (2:33) Click on picture to watch video.


Episode 3 There has been much discussion as to how the church building came into existence.  Historians debate back and forth on this issue, but we have the definitive proof of where the whole concept began. (2:43) Click on picture to watch video.


Episode 2 gives us a never before seen view of early evangelistic efforts of the early church. From ancient times, two friends conversation by a simple fishing boat is now alive in the Lost Moments in Church History.  (4:17) Click on picture to watch video.


Episode 1 brings us into a important conversation between two believers discussing important and vital aspects of church.  Through the help of modern day technology we are able to get up close and personal glimpses of Lost Moments in Church History. (4:06) Click on picture to watch video.