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Any time someone mentions a 'Christian' video, most people wince on the inside.  So do we.  That's why we set out to produce multimedia projects that we're excited to show to others and hopefully so will you.  But don't take our word for it. Here are a few comments from some of the folks that have let us know what they thought of Family Room Media's recent projects.


When The Church Leaves The Building

David Fredrickson's new book


Martin Scott, UK:

“A big thanks for the book...for the gift it is to the body of Christ. It absolutely speaks to where things are at.”


Jack W. e-mailed:

“When The Church Leaves The Building was great. It spoke to my heart.”


Andrea, Plymouth, Minnesota:

“I received the book on Saturday p.m. and was done reading it by Sunday morning. I plan to read it again before passing it on to friends.”


Carl and Gayland, San Niguel, CA:

"The  book is edifying and full of first-hand knowledge – it pointed us toward a more real and genuine relationship with our heavenly Father."



Church Outside The Walls pt1 The Dropouts

Family Room Media DVD


Dr. Robert Lund,  Albany, Oregon:

“..the DVD...a great work (both form and substance)”


Peaches L.,  Ocean City, New Jersey:

“Loved the DVD.”


Aida C.,  South Carolina:

I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed “The Drop-outs” DVD.  Originally, I wasn’t particularly interested in getting it, but when I ordered David’s book I decided to order the DVD at the same time.  I watched it this morning and I enjoyed it so much.  The content was wonderful.

I hate to say this, but I was really surprised at the professional quality of it.  I’m so used to the shoddy workmanship of films put out by Christians that I guess I thought this would be the same.  I was pleasantly surprised and now I look forward to the release of part 2.


Robin H.,  Washington:

The DVD: The Dropouts was very enlightening! It showed how people all around us are hearing the call from God to follow His way of doing things. The production itself was well put together, I loved how Dave Frederickson moderated the whole story, he was easy to listen to and helped you understand the various points that were made.
Robin Hebert




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